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What is Seedefy?

Seedefy is the leading Investment platform for pre-vetted startups in emerging markets. Our global network gives investors access to vetted high-potential ventures in hard-to-reach markets, with community-verified due diligence via our platform. We address the key challenges of access (connectivity), resource/information asymmetry and process inefficiency.


Mission & Vision

Seedefy provides fair and equal opportunities for both investors and startups. We have created an ecosystem based on co-creation and trust where it provides effective ways to inexpensive funds for startups and efficient investment channels for investors.

With our alliance partners and local self-governing communities as the operational backbone, this can be achieved on a “free of bias” basis while increasing the connectivity between the emerging and emerged markets.

How Seedefy is different?

High Quality Deals

Exclusive alliences and sharing within our partner network, creating access to high-quality impactful startups in emerging markets.


Introduced to like-minded investors to share investment strategies, ideas and expand network of and exposure to stakeholders (e.g, LPs)

Reduced Risk

Transparent specialist due diligence with unique milestone-based funding. Together with our interactive discussion panel for questions and presentations, reducing the upfront time investment required.

Active community support

Established members of our community will actively support and mentor our startup to achieve milestones. Gain access to top-tier professional services at a discounted price from our corporate members.

Diverse Strategic Investors

Our wide network of partnerships helps our startups meet relevant investors accross different geo+ graphics. Ranging from VCs to family offices and corporates aligned with helping startups achieve their milestones


Customised mandate matching eliminates misappropriation and sharing info on a need-to-basis to minimize disclosure of startups intellectual property.

Global Exposure

The stakeholders accross different industries and markets are the gateway to sustainable work from new channels.

Harmonious Ecosystem

Network with reputable like-minded members from the ecosystem, fostering collaboration and oppurtunities for growth.


Work allocation based on pre-received money or tokens, minimizing the risk of disagreement or abuse.


Seedefy Team

Meeran Malik
Chief Executive Officer

SEA | Emerging Markets | Data & Analytics | Programming | Finance | AsPac leadership KPMG

Michael Cutler
Chief Technology Officer

Singapore | Analytics & Blockchain | Machine Learning | Ledger Technology | Natural Language Processing | KPMG Digital Village

Glen Wee
Chief Operating Officer

SEA | Fintech Strategy Consulting | Startup Ecosystem | Fundraising

Chris Holland
Chief Legal Officer

Singapore & Hong Kong | Capital Markets | Regulatory | Blockchain |
*Service provided as partner of Holland & Marie

İlknur Pişkin
Funding & BD Manager

SEA & EMEA | Startup Expansion | Business Development | Venture Capital Partnerships | Portfolio Management

Peter Novak
Senior Software Engineer

CTO, Karzo Myanmar | CTO, Ezie App | Antler Singapore | Ericsson Executive Program


Advisory Team

Cristina Ventura

Ventura X Ventures | Catalyst | Sustainable Impact | Apple | Growth Strategy | International Investment

Alex Szomora

GTM Strategy I Blockchain & Cybersecurity | Mentor & Advisor I Venture Fellow & Angel

Kimble Ngo

Vietnam & Singapore | Business Development | Strategy | Marketing | Blockchain

Amar Bedi

Bridgeport Capital | GTM Expert | Venture Partner | Web3 Gaming | Life Coach | Yoga Teacher

Mustafa Rasheed

Frontier and Emerging Markets Startup Ecosystem Developer

Wang Hao
Web 3.0 Advisor

SEA | Japan | China | Laos Web3 | Blockchain | Digital Asset | Hedge Fund | Family Office | VC English |Japanese | Chinese | Español

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