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Partnering with Seedefy exposes your business to a growing ecosystem of startups and investors.

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Key Benefits of Partnering with Seedefy

New Business

Offer your specialized services to a diverse group of investors and increase your chances of finding new business opportunities

Global exposure

Exposure to global institutional investors and high-growth startups

Minimum risk

Pre-vetted stakeholders through our trusted platform

Demo day

Offer and showcase your services during our demo days of investors and startups



Sustainable business development

Partners are the backbone of the Seedefy ecosystem where they maintain trust through their valuable services. They respond to the need of all engaged stakeholders and in return enter new markets and industries.

By building their own network of partners they get exposed to a global network of startups and established investors which are the gateway to new business.

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Why Join Seedefy as a
Verification Partner?

Are you a third-party service provider who can help Seedefy startups complete their due diligence, legal, and financial processes related to raising funds? Join Seedefy as a Verification Partner and take your business to the next level. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with Seedefy:

Expand Your Business
by Offering Specialized Services

As a Verification Partner, you will have the opportunity to offer your specialized services to Seedefy's startup ecosystem. By partnering with Seedefy, you can expand your business footprint and reach a wider audience of potential clients.

Gain Exposure to a Growing Global Network of Investors

Seedefy provides its Verification Partners with access to a growing global network of venture capitalists and angel investors. By joining Seedefy, you can gain exposure to a diverse group of investors and increase your chances of finding new business opportunities.

Minimize Risk by Partnering with a Trusted Platform

Seedefy is a trusted, community-verified platform that connects investors with high-potential startups. By partnering with Seedefy, you can minimize the risk of working with unverified startups and benefit from Seedefy's rigorous due diligence process.

Access New Business Opportunities and Create New Channels for Sustainable Growth

Seedefy offers its Verification Partners access to new business opportunities and the chance to create new channels for sustainable growth. By partnering with Seedefy, you can tap into a growing ecosystem of startups and investors and expand your business in new and exciting ways.

Explore the future of investing

Join the growing ecosystem of investors and founders on the Seedefy platform.

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